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One robot less, thanks to simple rail system

New to the Tebulo Industrial Robotics range is a simple modular rail system for robots developed entirely in-house. By means of this rail system, the robot range may easily be expanded, without the need of an intelligent and costly 7th axis. In order to accommodate the 24/7 production process in the steel and aluminium industry, […]

Drie ijzersterke techbedrijven in de Noordkop

Yanaika Zomerverkent, Op Kop De robotica van Tebulo Ook bij Tebulo Industrial Robotics in Warmenhuizen staat innovatie voorop. Het bedrijf ontwikkelt en produceert robotica voor onder meer de staalindustrie, de bouw en toepassingen voor duurzame energie. Het uitgangspunt is vernuftige systemen ontwikkelen die hun klanten helpen hun productie efficiënter en veiliger te maken, op te schalen en/of […]

Höhere Produktion, Sicherheit und Qualität durch Kenntnisse über Roboter

12 May 2021 by Bertus Bouwman und Peter Oehmen, Niederlande Nachrichten Mit intelligent integrierten Robotern hat Tebulo Robotics einen festen Kundenstamm bei großen Maschinenbauern und in der weltweiten Aluminium- und Stahlindustrie. „Auch im Bauwesen, bei erneuerbaren Energien, in der Luftfahrt und im maritimen Bereich können wir etwas bewirken.“ Unter dem Rauch der Koninklijke Hoogovens (heute TataSteel) wuchs […]

Reel hole fixation robot reduces handling

For cold coiled steel coils with material thicknesses ranging from 0.13 to 0.5 mm, the inner flap regularly drops down when it comes off the mandrel in a steel shop. And even during handling there is a considerable risk that the entire coil will collapse. This is due to insufficient internal stiffness of the coils. […]

Tebulo Industrial Robotics sold its North-America subsidiary

In 2008, Tebulo N.A. Ltd. was founded as a subsidiary to serve the North American market. Tebulo N.A. has operated under the mutual globally used trade name Tebulo Industrial Robotics since 2016. At the start of 2020, we decided to sell this subsidiary as this would allow both companies more freedom to develop and grow […]

OUTOKUMPU in Swedish Avesta: ‘Safety is the top priority for our people’

With more than 800 employees at Outokumpu in Avesta, the company tirelessly works day in, day out, to produce high performance stainless steel in coils or sheets based on recycled scrap from Europe. During the production process, straps removal from stainless steel coils was causing a safety hazard when the straps were removed manually. Consequently, […]