One robot less, thanks to simple rail system

New to the Tebulo Industrial Robotics range is a simple modular rail system for robots developed entirely in-house. By means of this rail system, the robot range may easily be expanded, without the need of an intelligent and costly 7th axis.

In order to accommodate the 24/7 production process in the steel and aluminium industry, production lines come equipped with two entrance reels. The distance between these reels varies per installation and may be beyond the reach of one robot. Until recently in such a situation, it took two robots to cut the straps of the steel coil. Each of these robots was placed near a reel. Thanks to the new rail system, the Tebulo Industrial Robotics De-Strapper, mounted on a carrier on the rail system, easily moves smoothly up and down between the two entrance reels.


The robot takes the removed straps and hands them to the Tebulo strapwinder, positioned in the middle between the entrance reels. Interestingly enough, the De-strapper can feed the strapwinder on both sides with the removable straps. Contrary to an intelligent 7th axis fully integrated in the robot software in terms of control, these new tracks do not require complex built-in software and controls. Hans Spaans, Technical Director at Tebulo Industrial Robotics: „In many applications, like the above mentioned De-Strapper, the complex intelligence of a 7th axis is superfluous. A simple solution as described above will suffice. Not only is it much cheaper, but its integration is quite flexible: The mentioned modular rail construction with its frequency-controlled drive system is easily scalable for the required robot movements. The supporting construction may easily be adapted to any on-site customer situation.”