Service & Spare parts

Tebulo has a dedicated team of maintenance specialists which make sure that your robot equipment will run efficiently. During its live cycle has access to the latest innovations. This will mean, you can focus on your core business, up to date equipment, optimized TCO and availability during live cycle.


When you want pragmatic maintenance, cost-effective solutions for spare parts, enlist our maintenance service. We are happy to design a tailor-made maintenance concept together with you. 

It’s a smart way to make sure your robotic system is always a top performer. 


You can rely on fast and uncomplicated support, diagnosis, optimization and troubleshooting wherever your facility may be located. Performed by on-site visit or Remote Access. 

Maximise your up time by relying on our support. 

Spare parts & consumables

The high performance of your equipment is guaranteed by using original Tebulo parts and consumables. Tebulo’s Spare Parts & Consumables division provides you with expert advice and delivery of our product range. To keep your maintenance period to a minimum we offer a cost- effective parts exchange services. This program allows you to return and receive predefined refurbished components or spare parts. 

Tebulo originals, the right choice! 

Added value Tebulo Services

Maximise productivity

Trouble free start-ups

Part exchange service

Rebuilds and retrofits

Training & advice

Upgrades and modernizations

Extended payback and reduced lifecycle costs

Short and effective maintenance stops

Original spare, wear parts, and consumables

Safety - always priority number one

(Field) services and inspections

Online monitoring with Remote Access

Contact us

For maintenance, repair, spare parts or trouble shooting, please call our service department at +31 72 20 05 500 during regular business hours (Central European Time).


Wouter Moraal

+31 72 20 05 528

Spare parts & Consumables

André Kooij

Spares and Consumables
+31 72 20 05 503

Or contact one of our representatives in China, India, Sweden or Italy.