Tebulo Industrial Robotics sold its North-America subsidiary

In 2008, Tebulo N.A. Ltd. was founded as a subsidiary to serve the North American market. Tebulo N.A. has operated under the mutual globally used trade name Tebulo Industrial Robotics since 2016.

At the start of 2020, we decided to sell this subsidiary as this would allow both companies more freedom to develop and grow independently. In this respect, as of January 2021 (the re-branding in Canada started this month), Tebulo N.A. Ltd cease the use of the ‘Tebulo’ name and will continue under a new name. To avoid any confusion and misunderstandings that may have arisen due to previous re-branding communication of Tebulo N.A., we would like to clarify the following:

  • The founding company, Tebulo Industrial Automation B.V. will continue its activities from the Dutch Head office, using the trade name Tebulo Industrial Robotics for their equipment.
    Current and new global customers may look forward to more innovative robot solutions. Tebulo Industrial Robotics, our international partners and distributors remain fully committed serving our customers in the best possible way, for now and in the future ahead.
  • Our heavy-industry focus will be sustained, while pursuing a new focus on other industries as well.
    Stainless steel, other types of steel and aluminium will continuously require alternative as well as innovative robotic solutions. The same observation applies to other industries. Tebulo’s robot technology in conjunction with our engineering capabilities will enable us to bring innovative solutions to these markets.
  • We will keep supplying genuine Tebulo parts and consumables to our customers worldwide.
    Our sales team will continue to support and positively surprise you as you are accustomed from us.
  • The management stays the same.
    Our management team stays the same strong group.
  • We remain a 100% Dutch, employee-owned and operated company.
    Operating from The Netherlands and with our distributors network, we will keep on serving the world with our robotic solutions and services.

In the near future, more updates will follow about our new product(s) development, newly explored markets, as well as the launch of a new website.


Due to recent economic developments, reshoring is trending. The need to bring back production activities forces us to find innovative ways to reduce operating costs, increase productivity and eliminate errors without compromising safety or quality. For the European market, we see a growing market triggered by the reshoring trend. These developments may seem challenging within your industry, but here at Tebulo Industrial Robotics, we believe we can help you achieve these goals. We’re looking forward to continuously assist you in improving your operations with our robotics solutions in years to come.