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Benchmark of destrapping

By automating the entire entry, robotics eliminates the need for people to be involved in the destrapping process. Our Destrapper ensures safe strap removal using highly reliable cutting and strap processing principle.

Innovative strap winding system

After cutting, the straps are directly fed to our innovative winder for processing. It’s possible to process all kinds of straps and joints due to the absence of cutting blades and an additional strap feeding system. Resulting in a maintenance-free and highly reliable process. The developed strap winding system has proved itself over and over again in +100 realised destrapping installations.

Unique feature the cutting cartridge

The Destrapper features our unique cutting cartridge. The simplicity of its design enables operators to replace the cartridge as a single unit outside the line, maximizing uptime and safety. Once exchanged, in less than 2 minutes, the Destrapper is directly operational. Maintenance works on the exchanged cartridge can be done outside the Destrapper cell.

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