Robotic Solutions

Accelerate building process

To fulfill the demands and provide automation to the accelerating building industry, Tebulo prefab robots provide the solution. Construction robots are versatile tailor made systems which suits your needs. Expertise gained has created a wide product portfolio in varies industries. Some solutions: assembling window frames, laying tiles, assembling sanitary units, handling toilet seats, assembling taps and cisterns.

Optimize your productivity

By robotizing your prefab production process, we give you the capacity to maintain continuous assembling 24/7. You can rely on Tebulo. It’s time to move fast. It’s time to move forward.

Flexible integration

Tebulo robotic solutions are engineered for versatility. We understand the varying needs of the industries we serve and our products are designed for the flexibility to integrate into, even the most demanding environments. We have the expertise to find the most efficient, economical and productive way to get robotics working for your business.

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