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All round deployable

Handling solutions are versatile tailor made systems which suits your handling need. From razorblades, to 150 kg zinc anodes, Tebulo fulfills your requirements. Our gained expertise has resulted in a wide product portfolio close to any sector. A proud selection: nuclear, metals, construction, food, automotive, packaging, agricultural, navy, logistics and electronics.

Long term commitment

Tebulo is the result of the most advanced alliance between industrial robotics and process automation. A significant number of solutions for different production areas has proven to allow the introduction of flexible automation in dangerous places where human intervention is still mandatory.

Reliability you wish you had sooner

With over 51 handling systems delivered to renowned companies in the industry, with an operation performance of almost 100%, Tebulo robotic solutions will make the most challenging areas of your plant the most reliable. Downtime in any plant is expensive and today it's far too costly for businesses to cut into profits. You can rely on Tebulo to keep you moving forward.

Flexible integration

Tebulo robotic solutions are engineered for fertility. We understand the varying needs of the industries we serve and our products are designed for the flexibility to integrate into, even the most demanding environments. We have the expertise to find the most efficient, economical and productive way to get robotics working for your business.

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