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The Tebulo Dross Removing system ensures a continuous and consistent availability of top dross removal. By robotizing the dross removal, the operator is no longer exposed to the hazardous working environment. Dross formed on top of the zinc pot is to be removed by making controlled movements over the zinc surface. By using our patented tool changing system, different tooling can be used to remove dross to meet your required cleaning grade.

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By robotizing your dross removal process, we give you the capacity to maintain continuous quality 24/7. Unique galvanizing processes require the ability to optimise the dross removal cycle. A variety of open parameters gives the possibility to make adjustments to the dross sequence.

Flexible integration

Tebulo robotic solutions are engineered for fertility. We understand the varying needs of the industries we serve and our products are designed for the flexibility to integrate into, even the most demanding environments. We have the expertise to find the most efficient, economical and productive way to get robotics working for your business.

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