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Safe working environment for your employees

Our dross removing system ensures a continuous and consistent availability of top dross removal. By robotizing the dross removal, the operator is no longer exposed to the hazardous working environment.

Guarantee the quality of your end product

By robotizing your dross removal process, we’ll give you the 24/7 benefit to increase the quality of the end product by significantly reducing the number of dross counts. The dross formed on the zinc surface is removed by controlled movements to avoid unnecessary turbulence in the zinc pot using a robot this is guaranteed. Tebulo’s variety of open parameters gives the possibility to make adjustments to the dross removal sequence.

Robot actuated tool changer for ultimate dross removing

Our patented tool changing system is able to switch tools automatically without manual interference using solely the robot motions. The tool changer is specially developed to operate in the rough zinc pot area and therefore does not contain any sensitive electrical or pneumatic parts.

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